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My Trainer Card by MissArkhamAngel My Trainer Card :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 2 0 Welcome to CC's Playhouse by MissArkhamAngel Welcome to CC's Playhouse :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 6 1 Beatle Bus by MissArkhamAngel Beatle Bus :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 1 6 Batman by MissArkhamAngel Batman :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 7 7
Sex, Drugs and Complications 13
''You want my opinion? You did the right thing'' Lee tried to assure me. I didn't know who else to go to, he was the only one who'd give me an honest answer to the question that was playing over and over in my head.
''Am I a bad person Lee'' I said through tears
''For the last time, no'' he told me, ''You did what was best for you''
''Yeah. I put myself first and not him, I put my feelings before his!'' I cried
''Lex the only problem with you is you always put everyone before yourself'' Lee said, ''I'm not saying theres anything wrong with that but it doesn't hurt to just take care of your own feelings once and a while''
''Carter needs me and I just abandoned him! How could I have done that to him?!''
''Sweetie you're being too hard on yourself'' Lee placed his hand on my shoulder, ''You can stay here as long as you want''
''No its ok, I'm going back to my apartment'' I got up to leave, ''But thanks for the offer Lee''
''Anytime you wanna talk Lex, about anything, you know wh
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Sex, Drugs and Complications 12
Carter took off again three days later. I had tried to reason with him and make him tell me where he was and what he was doing while he was away the first time but I never had such luck with him, he just clammed up and shut himself off from me, didn't want to look at me never mind talk to me. Didn't return my calls, pretended he wasn't home when I went to his apartment. I couldn't deal with this, I tried my best but I couldn't do it anymore. I had to do something, something I'd probably regret in the long run because I loved him so much but it was the right thing, for both of us. I took a piece of paper, a pen and an envelope and wrote, didn't even think about what to say or anything, I just wrote. I put the letter on his night table, he'd probably never find it but I left it there in case I was wrong.
I was long gone when Carter stumbled in that night, he wasn't as drunk as I expected so he noticed what I had left for him. He had difficulty reading it at first but he squinte
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Sex, Drugs and Complications 11
Chapter 11
Four days passed, I didn't see Carter or hear from him. I was worried. I imagined the worse. Ronnie told me that he'd come back when he was ready but that didn't stop me from calling the hospitals, even the police.
''He'll be back I wouldn't even bother worrying''
''No Ronnie I will bother worrying he's not been home for two days'' I snapped, ''What if he's lying in a ditch somewhere?-''
''How many ditches have you seen in LA?'' Ronnie laughed
''Or what if he's hurt? I know the states he gets in''
''I'm sure he's fine, he's disappeared for longer. When he was 10 he ran away from home and lived in my yard for four days''
''You knew he was there and didn't even bother letting him in?'' I said
''He brought a tent so he slept in that. No, I wanted to let him in but my mom wouldn't have him in the house'' Ronnie laughed ''She didn't like me hanging around with him''
''What was he like when he was younger?'' I asked, intrigued to know what he was like as a child, the only time we
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Dead on by MissArkhamAngel Dead on :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 34 3
Sex, Drugs and Complications 10
Chapter 10
''Where did you disappear to earlier?'' Carter asked me when I got home, I didn't answer him as I was still shaken about seeing Lee in that state. ''Oh wait don't tell me. You went to see him didn't you?'' He had a look of disappointment as well as disgust on his face
''Well someone had to and it clearly wasn't going to be you'' I snapped
''Because I don't care thats why''
''Somewhere in life I think someone drained all the compassion out of you or have you always been so cold?'' I was appalled by his attitude
''I'm only cold when it concerns him'' He said lighting up a cigarette
''I don't believe you sometimes Carter I really don't'' I had to walk away, he had no shred of compassion or any sympathy at the least towards Lee's problems, it made me angry, I hated him when he was like this
''If thats the way you feel then don't marry me'' he said from nowhere, I was taken aback by his reaction to that, all I remember saying was that I couldn't believe his attitude he honestly t
:iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 0 0
Sex, Drugs and Complications 9
Chapter Nine
''Lex?'' Lee said timidly as he half opened the door to me, the chain was still on and all I could see of him was his eyes he was clearly hiding something
''Is this a bad time?'' I asked, ''I can come back if it is''
''No, no, no'' he said, ''Come on in just give me a sec'' he closed the door and took the chain off, I heard a rush of running water and then he let me in. I looked around his kitchenette; the sink was filled with blood-red liquid and some was even flecked on the floor. There was an ashtray in the middle of his table with a half smoked joint propped up inside it. ''So what can I do for you?'' Lee sniffed and winced whilst pulling down his sleeves and sat down, I didn't answer him, my eyes were transfixed on the bloody water in the kitchen sink.
''What happened?'' I asked walking over to the sink and looking into the scarlet sink.
''Don't worry about that'' he said, ''It was nothing''
''It doesn't look like nothing Lee'' I felt around in the bottom of the sink
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Sex, Drugs and Complications 8
Chapter Eight
Carter had recently set me up to do a shoot for a really good friend of his, Ronnie Stiles. Ronnie was the lead singer of a band called 'Fallen' they were pretty much the same as The Trinty's but Ronnie and Carter were nothing alike, as far as frontmen go I can safely say Ronnie was better than Carter, for one Ronnie actually cared about his fans, I'd gone along with Carter to one of Fallen's first proper gigs and was amazed to see how involved the fans seemed to be during the set, you wouldn't get that at a Trinity's gig. Carter appreciated having fans but that never stopped him mouthing off at them or being annoyed by them.
Ronnie's band has just been signed to a label and was putting together an album, he'd asked Carter if he knew any photographers and Carter had told him that he was engaged to one. Ronnie told me he wanted a few individual shots and a group one, I could hardly say no to that.
''I really appreciate you doing this Lex'' he had said to me
''I'm doing it
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Mature content
Sex, Drugs and Complications 7 :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 0 0
Mature content
Sex, Drugs and Complications 6 :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 0 0
Mature content
Sex, Drugs and Complications 5 :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 0 0
Sex, Drugs and Complications 4
Chapter Four
Carter tried his best to distance me from the guys in the band as he thought it was best to keep his personal life away from work I don't actually know why he thought that but on our first meeting Lee had told me that because Carter thought alot of me he didn't want the guys to try and put me off because they knew him better than I did and he had this stupid thought in his head that they'd try and ruin mine and his relationship. Lee had told me that wasn't the case, he knew Carter well, he knew what he was all about. Carter and Lee had met in in rehab in the summer of 2007, Carter had been arrested for driving under the influence of meth but was pardoned on the condition that he try and kick his drug habit, if only it were that simple. Lee on the other hand was only in rehab because he promised his family he'd go, Lee suffered badly with depression and had tried to commit suicide a number of times, since he was 18 he'd done cocaine, heroin, you name it he'd done it to try
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Mature content
Sex, Drugs and Complications 3 :iconmissarkhamangel:MissArkhamAngel 0 0
My gallery contains alot of everything (but mostly photo edits) so take a look x :heart:


Rowlet Hoodie by SewDesuNe Rowlet Hoodie :iconsewdesune:SewDesuNe 584 59 Nessie Loch Ness Monster Plush by SewDesuNe Nessie Loch Ness Monster Plush :iconsewdesune:SewDesuNe 232 16 Phoenix Plush by SewDesuNe Phoenix Plush :iconsewdesune:SewDesuNe 288 26 Litten Hoodie by SewDesuNe Litten Hoodie :iconsewdesune:SewDesuNe 389 28 Summer_4 by KLutskaya Summer_4 :iconklutskaya:KLutskaya 242 42 Magical light by Pamba Magical light :iconpamba:Pamba 566 46 Ashfall by scenceable Ashfall :iconscenceable:scenceable 324 19 012316 by kristianna11 012316 :iconkristianna11:kristianna11 401 37 Moon Wanderer Elephant by hontor Moon Wanderer Elephant :iconhontor:hontor 684 26 Forgotten Bridge by helios-spada Forgotten Bridge :iconhelios-spada:helios-spada 559 68 SOLD! Auction Handmade Poseable toy Fennec Fox by MalinaToys SOLD! Auction Handmade Poseable toy Fennec Fox :iconmalinatoys:MalinaToys 800 70 ?? WHY WORRY by wiwionart ?? WHY WORRY :iconwiwionart:wiwionart 561 47 Fooling around by ZoranPhoto Fooling around :iconzoranphoto:ZoranPhoto 2,889 151 Cute Pug by Walyco Cute Pug :iconwalyco:Walyco 676 211 Spring by Namwhan-K Spring :iconnamwhan-k:Namwhan-K 640 119 Kraken by EnysGuerrero Kraken :iconenysguerrero:EnysGuerrero 637 72
Absolutely amazing work from others, love you guys :heart: x


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I was tagged by :iconthecandidfox:

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5 Things About me

:bulletblack: I love animals
:bulletblack: I used to be the girliest girl in the world :blush: I was like Barbie's brunette friend
:bulletblack: I paint my nails three times a week
:bulletblack: I want to learn either drums or bass guitar
:bulletblack: I have a thing for tattoos

1~ Do you prefer daytime or nighttime?
:bulletblack: I like the nighttime, I love to see the stars and the moon

2~ If you had one day left to live what would you do?
:bulletblack: Thats difficult, I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably spend the day with my mum and my boyfriend

3~ Who is your idol?
:bulletblack: I have many idols. Band members, musicians, family members. If I were to choose just one I'd pick Jared Leto, his music touches my heart in a way I can't explain and I can go as far to say that his music changed my life for the better and also saved it.

4~ If you were in a band, who would you want to go on tour with and why?
:bulletblack: Black Veil Brides :) They are very fun, down to Earth and lovely guys. Judging from their interviews I've watched the conversations would be interesting, getting ready before shows would be fun because they could do my make-up :D

5~ Do you still buy CD's?
:bulletblack: Yes, I have spent a small fortune on CD's :P I can spend hours in HMV just standing around and looking, trying to decide which ones to pick.

6~Do you prefer tattoos or piercings?
:bulletblack: I love tattoos :D I have a kind of obsession with guys with tattoos. The only ones I don't like are neck tattoos, they make me cringe

7~ Do you have a tattoo? If so what of?
:bulletblack: I have one tattoo of a cat on my arm, I am planning to get more though :D

8~ How many posters do you have on your bedroom walls?
:bulletblack: Pffft loads :P I've even started wallpapering my ceiling with them, if someone asked me to count them I'm afraid I can't tell you

9~ If you could live in another country where would you want to live?
:bulletblack: I've always wanted to live in America as there is so much to see there and so much to do, but I have been to Australia twice and I love it there so I think I would live there

10~ What's the most important thing in your life?
:bulletblack: My friends, my boyfriend and my family :heart:


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United Kingdom
Hi all and welcome to my DeviantArt page, My name is Lea and I'm a music freak :music: I love all kinds of rock music Rock Freak by Atrixy ; Alternative, Punk, Metal, Pop-Rock, Grunge, Indie. You name it I love it :heart: :headbang: Arkham Asylum didn't want me :heart:

Some stuff about me:

:bulletred:I'm a proud Echelon! 30STM is a way of life

:bulletblack:I don't label myself in anyway. I'm not Goth, I'm not Emo I just am what I am whether people like it or not

:bulletpink:I'm a Killjoy, my Killjoy name is Rainbow Venom (my friend gave me that name but I liked it)

:bulletgreen:I am fairly random. I talk alot of crap and I love laughing at random silly things

:bulletyellow:I'm a huge Nirvana fan! :nirvana: revamp by onesixone

:bulletpurple:I love reading, especially books by my favourite writer Stephen King and biographies

:bulletblue:I'm a Coldplayer, I grew up listening to Coldplay and they have made a huge impact on me, I adore them :heart: :music: 12/09/09 :music: best night of my life!

:bulletred:I love hats, I own four trilby hats

:bulletblack:I love Black Veil Brides, They are awesome and I love their style! :heart: 24/3/12 :heart: Ashley Purdy looked in my direction, my life is now complete :meow:

:bulletblue: I'm a hardcore and loyal DC fan! :batman: :superman:

:bulletyellow: Wanna learn more about me just look at my vast collection of stamps ^^

'We're all mad here' Emote Sign by Kohaku0827

:heart: ₪ ø Ξ ·o. :heart: ₪ ø Ξ ·o. :heart: ₪ ø Ξ ·o. :heart: ₪ ø Ξ ·o. :heart: ₪ ø Ξ ·o. :heart: ₪ ø Ξ ·o. :heart:

''I Will Never Forget, I Will Never Regret, I Will Live My Life'' ~ Closer To The Edge- 30 Seconds To Mars

''A Heart That Hurts Is A Heart That Works''~ Bright Lights- Placebo

''Gravity Don't Mean Too Much To Me, I'm Who I've Got To Be''~ Bulletproof Heart- My Chemical Romance

''We Are Young And We Are Strong, Through Strength In Self We Become, Something More They Can Be, This Our Sweet Blasphemy'' ~ Sweet Blasphemy- Black Veil Brides

''All In All Is All We Are''~ All Apologies- Nirvana

''You Can Never Tame a Wild Heart'' ~ Christian Coma

''Don't Let Somebody's Negative Words About You Define Who You Are' ~ Ronnie Radke

''Stand Up For What You Believe in, Even If It Means Standing Alone'' ~ Jared Leto

''Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” ~ Gerard Way

I Love My Boyfriend Stamp by rJoyceyy Babble Babble Stamp by WickedWriter Black cat stamps by Shizuru117 kawaii stamp by natalia-factory Pokemon Plushies by WarthogDemon Sylveon stamp by S-Laughtur BVB by freakenstein1313 Chris Martin by Marlenesstamps Guy Berryman by Marlenesstamps Oshawott Stamp by ecokitty Sexy Dance by SandyOtakuSuki Evolution Stamp by SquirtleStamps And Thats Why We Have a Dictionary by JezahnaART Meow by LuciferxMorningStar Oshawott stamp by SilverLucario12 Dear Noah by ClefairyKid Noel Fielding Stamp by britstix Jared Leto stamp by AdrenalineM So I herd u liek mudkips? by Cathines-Stamps Tomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09 Muse by alexskyline Guns N' Roses Stamp by bluesoru Andy by SandyOtakuSuki :thumb159743562: high heels love stamp by saikochan Knives and Pens by XLove-Christina-AX Stamp: Eevee real by Shineymagic Arkham Stamp by maniacthelunatic Marilyn Manson stamp by sequelle Stamp: I Love Cookies by Raine-Rose .:Stamp: :Metallica:. by TehOnism bats stamp by morbidpumpkin Jack Stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh French Fries Lover - Stamp by FreeStamps TDIMIY GIF Stamp by ShatteredApocalypse Mikey Way Stamp by AdrenalineM Mijumaru Stamp by NowellsStamps ANDY SIX stamp 2 by zombisu JaredLeto Stamp_4 by my-violet-dreams JaredLeto Stamp_3 by my-violet-dreams Falling In Reverse Stamp by CyanideSeason Pie Stamp by anime-dragon-tamer Paw-Paw Stamp by KambachFluff RONNIE RADKE stamp by zombisu 30 stm Stamp by my-violet-dreams I-love-rock-n-roll by my-violet-dreams JaredLeto Stamp by my-violet-dreams I heart CATS::stamp by Katttty920 Knives and Pens by winter-ame Killjoys Stamp by MissZombi3 British stamp by Bourbons3 :thumb324840996: Sushi Stamp by Kezzi-Rose .:Pokemon stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300 Coldplay Stamp by extraordi-mary I love Tattooed Men by sequelle jared leto by D-N-A-35 Umbreon Stamp by ice-fire I love popcorn by ohhperttylights Cupcake Stamp by mylastel cute stuff by ourstars Catwa Stamp by Baka-Monkey I love Squirrels by WishmasterAlchemist Iam - a Pirate by yadu

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